About Me

Be all you can be

I do my sport very hard and I have a lots of succes

I realy enjoy using musical.ly and u like also watching me, thank you :)

And since many years I realy want to wear my own dress collection and now this dream is going to be real

So learn hard work hard dare to dream big and BE ALL YOU CAN BE

Hou Bout Dah

Probably you have already seen my Hou Bout Dah Video on musical.ly and the original one too.
It's soo funny and cool don't you think so? :D

Thats why I wanted to plan my Hou Bout Dah shirt I hope you also liek it.


I like musical.ly and my name is Liza. While we were working on the brand the graphic designer told me "come here musical Liza". I started laughing and musical.liza borned.

My logo and more...

If you want to know follow me on Musical.ly and Instagram and you will get the answer :)


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